Fumie von Dehn started her design career about 10 years ago when she realized that all those family Kimonos gathering dust in their chests could come to life again in a new and exciting way. Inspired by the precious silk that makes up the Kimono, she began using vintage Kimonos (some dating back more than 100 years) to create her very own unique designs. Whether it is a gorgeous evening dress, an elegant scarf or a more casual blouse, Fumie’s hand made pieces all exploit the use of 100% pure silk Kimonos that are extremely hard to find outside of Japan and ensure that what you are wearing is one of a kind. For more information about organizing a meeting with the designer or if you would like to look at more designs, please e-mail: fvd1@hotmail.com.

From This.................. TO THIS!!

Looking for a stylish top? Have a look at some of the pieces Fumie has created below.

Or how about a scarf? All scarves are made from 100% Japanese silk.

Just one example of the many stylish blouses Fumie creates. Perfect for semi-formal settings.

More photos from Fumie's collection.